I am truly thankful for God’s many blessings in my life. One of His most recent blessings is the opportunity to return and serve my home church, Mount Lebanon Missionary Baptist Church, as pastor. I am very humbled by this opportunity and was very apprehensive to accept until the Lord made it clear to me that it was His will for me to serve Him here. After being away from Mount Lebanon for almost ten years, serving the Lord at other churches, it is both exciting and challanging to return, especially to serve as pastor. However, the Lord has let me know this is where He wants me at this time and He has never failed to lead and guide when I will seek and follow His will. So it feels good to be home!

I had the privilege to grow up in the community around Mount Lebanon Missionary Baptist Church. Mount Lebanon is the church that I was blessed to attend as a child. Much of my family is or has been members of Mount Lebanon including my parents, both grandmothers, and my maternal grandfather. I was saved at Mount Lebanon in the summer revival of 1962 and baptized into the membership of the church that year. What a wonderful year!

Like many young people of my generation, I dropped out of church to a great degree in my mid teens not really returning until the Lord showed me my need to return in my early thirties in 1984. Looking back I can still see the providence of God watching over me, even through those years when I was out of His will. What a blessing that by His mercy the Lord allowed me to get back into church and feel His leading and comforting Spirit again! What a joy to be able to feel His Spirit and have His leadership and guidance in my life again.

I was elected to serve the church as a deacon in late 1992 and ordained to that office in January 1993. In June of 1993 the Lord blessed Mount Lebanon with a wonderful revival and many souls being saved, one being my daughter and a number of her friends that spent a lot of time at our house. On June 28, 1993 (during that revival) the Lord called me to preach. It happened on my way to work on that Monday morning after several (my daughter among them) had been saved the previous Saturday night. I was blessed to serve the church as deacon for the next five years as I struggled to recognize and acknowledge this call. On June 28, 1998 I finally submitted and acknowledged this call first to my family and then in the Sunday morning service at Mount Lebanon (during the 1998 revival). I preached my first sermon on the first Sunday in July 1998 at an evening service at Mount Lebanon.

After preaching on appointment at various churches as the Lord provided opportunity, I was ordained to the full work of the ministry by Mount Lebanon in April 2000. In December 2000 I was elected as pastor to a church in Barren County, Ky, Union #2 Missionary Baptist Church located in the Nobob community. After being led of the Lord to resign as pastor of Union #2 in 2005, I was elected and served as pastor of another Barren County church, Caney Fork Missionary Baptist Churh located in the Etoile community. The Lord impressed on my heart that it was time to leave this church as pastor earlier this year. After making the Lord’s will known to Caney Fork, I was elected as pastor of Mount Lebanon. So the Lord has blessed my wife and I with the opportunity to come home for a while. We will leave the length of our service at Mount Lebanon in the Lord’s hands as we have endeavored to do in the other places He has blessed us to serve.

In His Love,
Brother Mitchell Glasscock

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