August 20, 2017

Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ,

In December of 2016, correspondence was sent informing you that mission work in Panama City Beach, FL under the name of Hope Missionary Baptist Mission being conducted under the authority of Mt. Lebanon Missionary Baptist Church had been suspended effective September 2016. It is with regret and after much prayer and consideration that due to recent circumstances that have arisen and scriptural concerns, Mt. Lebanon has voted to terminate this mission work in the Panama City Beach area.

As stated in the December 2016 letter, the funds being contributed for support of the work there have been accumulated in a separate account since the suspension of the active labor there. All contributions made to this effort which can be identified will be returned to the contributing source. The balance of the funds will be put into our church mission fund from which we provide support to other missions and missionaries.

Our church wants to express our sincere and heartfelt thanks for your prayers and support for this work and the brother that exercised his burden to labor on that field. Our prayers are extended for your success and blessing in the gospel of our Lord. Your continued prayers for our church are greatly appreciated.

Done by order of the church, August 20, 2017.

Elder Mitchell Glasscock, Moderator

Brother Randall Henson, Clerk