History of Mt Lebanon Missionary Baptist Church

On October 21, 1886 a group of Baptists met at Thorn Hill Schoolhouse, a short distance from the present site of Mt Lebanon Baptist Church for the purpose of constituting a Baptist church. An arm had been extended by Bethany Church. There were 16 charter members. From this small and humble beginning Mt Lebanon Baptist Church has been richly blessed and has stood for one hundred thirty-eight years as a true and faithful church of the Lord.

In November 1885, a tract of land was given and deeded by Martha S. and William B. Horn for the sum of fifteen dollars to the Missionary Baptists for the purpose of erecting a house of worship. This was almost one year before Mt Lebanon was organized.

The present church building is the fourth such building which has stood and been used as a house of worship. The first building was erected about 1891. Records show a special service was held on the fourth Sunday in September to dedicate the building to the Lord. In May 1935 the church voted to build a new church at the same site. While the building was being built, Mt Lebanon held services at a nearby location. Mt Lebanon moved back into the new building in June of 1936. In September of 1966 the church voted to build a new church building, again at the same site. While this building was under construction, the church held services at the nearby old Boyce Schoolhouse which had been purchased by one of the members. The new building was completed in the spring of 1967. It was a modern brick building with a full basement and Sunday School rooms. As the Lord blessed Mt Lebanon with the addition of members, the church saw the need in late 1993 to establish a building committee to investigate the building of a new sanctuary. In 1997, a proposal for a new sanctuary was presented to and approved by the church. Construction on the current building, which was constructed beside and connected to the 1967 building, began in early 1998. The building was completed, and the first service held in the new sanctuary on December 20, 1998.

During the previous one hundred thirty-eight years, Mt Lebanon has been a church home to over five hundred men, women, boys, and girls. The present church membership is 170. Mt Lebanon has developed a history of mission and missionary support.

God has greatly blessed and provided the men whom he called to preach the gospel and those who have served as pastor, and led his people in the way they should go. Mt Lebanon has been served by 28 pastors, men that have preached the word in truth and in the fear of God. 

Mt Lebanon has truly been blessed by our Lord over the years in so many ways. We are thankful for all the souls He has saved under the influence of this church and the ones He has led to unite with this body over the years. Psalms 127:1 tells us, “Except the LORD build the house, they labor in vain that build it ….” Truly the Lord has built this house with the saving of souls. We are grateful for everyone that has served this church in any capacity over the years holding on to the truth of God which has enabled us to still be able to worship in this community today.